How to Create Fortune Online To Be A Successful Entrepreneur – Step 1

How to Create Fortune Online To Be A Successful Entrepreneur – Step 1

This is the first of a series of videos that reveal each step one-by-one for getting Your business up and running fast for making money online

How to Create Fortune Online To Be A Successful Entrepreneur – Step 1

Step 1 is to create a prescence that gives you a professional look and helps
you standout from others is very important

You do not want an affiliate site that has the same address for everyone
and the only difference for you is your username NOT professional and
not google friendly for searches.

Your first step is to create your own address for your new business
This is your back office with the Power Lead System showing below

Once inside, see the buttons on the right are in red but once completed
they turn green like you see in my back office

How to Create Fortune Online – Action Steps

You want to click on the ‘Add Your Domain’ Red Button

Type in the box what name you want to check for availability.  Once you find it then submit for purchase

This is simple stuff here.  Let’s talk domain names

I use Chers10kFormula

and one of the BEST perks with this is you can add
unlimited sub domains to your new domain

How this works is the ‘www’ from your domain is
replaced with any words you desire.

Here is an example of my domain:   www.Chers10kFormula
I want to add a domain that hosts the
Sunday Proof Hangout to send to my prospects


Instead of ‘www’  you now see ‘SundayProof’
This sub domain can be used for the Hangouts
and it is tied to you which is perfect

You can also use a sub domain to send people
to your Sales page directly for more info

Unlimited sub domains to create lots of pages
for your business without any extra cost

Our Next Video explains how to get the Sales Funnel
with just a few clicks inside your back office using my code

How to Be a Successful Entrepreneur

It is so easy to add your domain
and it will appear inside your system
then you can submit your Sales Funnel code
that I give to assign it to this new domain

This is copy-paste simple for complete setup
then your able to earn money online right away

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Author: Cheryl Traxler

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